TV-81C6/ TV-81C6-4G Asynchronous Full Color System Card

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The new generation control system adopts the large screen mode without computer control. With all the advantages of conventional synchronous control system, and built-in WIFI dual-mode module, can be accessed to the LAN; External 3G/4G module can be connected to wide area network to realize remote intelligent control. As a new application mode of control system, it has significant advantages in the fields of advertisement screen and display screen.


1. The maximum carrying area is 1.3 million pixels. The maximum width is 4096 pixels and the maximum width is 1536 pixels. The size can be set flexibly.

2. Professional BS architecture, which can access the network through a hundred Megabyte network port /WIFI/4G module for cluster management.

3. Fully support the control and management of intelligent wireless terminals.

4. Support 1080P HD resolution output.

5. Fully compatible with routine synchronous control system program management and display screen configuration.

6. Support USB disk plug and play.

7. Support PC, Android, IOS and other intelligent terminals for management.

8. Support WIFI access LAN and 3G/4G WAN.

9. Support the monitoring of environmental temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters during operation, and support the automatic adjustment of display brightness.

10. Professional broadcast control software is used for program editing, with comprehensive functions and flexible operation.

11. Support multiple Windows, you can freely set the size and position of the window, and support window overlay.

12. Support rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, text, clocks, etc.

13. Support multi-program page broadcast.





Audio output *1

Support 1/8 "(3.5mm)TRS plug output

USB interface*2

Can be connected to USB flash disk storage (maximum 128G) or communication equipment

Output port *2

Output signal to receiving card


Output HDMI cascade output


Input HDMI signal input

USB * 1

Adjust display screen parameters to transmit programs


Access Ethernet


2.4G/5G dual-frequency access to wireless network, provide WIFI hotspots

Size (mm)

315 * 205 * 44mm

Working voltage

AC100 ~ 240V wide voltage

Power consumption



1.5 kg

Working temperature

-25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Environmental humidity

0% ~ 95%, no condensation