TV-81R75E Synchronous Full-color Receiving Card

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1. Integrated HUB75, no need for adapter plate, more convenient and lower cost.

2. Reduce connectors, reduce fault points and lower failure rate.

3. Support conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high gray scale and high brightness.

4. A new grayscale engine, with better performance in low grayscale.

5. More perfect details, can eliminate the unit plate design caused by a row of dark, low gray red, ghost and other details.

6. Support 14BIT precision point by point correction.

7. Support all conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips.

8. Support static screen, between 1/2 to 1/32 scan any scan type.

9.Support arbitrary point, support data migration, can easily achieve a variety of different screen, spherical screen, creative display screen.

10. Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signal output.

11. Super large carrying area is supported.

12. Advanced design, high quality components, automatic high and low temperature aging test, zero failure delivery.

13. Support DC 3.3V ~ 6V ultra-wide working voltage to effectively reduce the impact of voltage fluctuation.

14. Support power reverse connection protection circuit.




Communication distance

Over five network lines ≤140m;Six types of network cables ≤170m;Fiber line: single-mode transceiver ≤20km, multi-mode transceiver ≤550m.(Infinite extension with repeater)

Compatible transmission equipment

Gigabit switch, gigabit optical transceiver, gigabit optical switch

Anti-static ability of human body


Size (mm)

143 * 93mm

Working voltage

DC 3.3 V to 6 V

Power consumption