TV-81R75E Synchronous Full-color Receiving Card

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Function feature
* Integrated with HUB75, no need to add patchpanel, more convenient and costsaving.
* With less plug connector, reducing fault points, less failure rate.
* Support Conventional chip to realize high refresh, high grey level and high brightness.
* Support brand new grey engine, it will have better render in the low gray level.

* Better detail processing, it can solve the problems like slight dark area in some row, the low grey with slight red, ghost image caused by unit board design.
* Support 14bit precision point by point correction.
* Support all conventional chip, PWM chip and lamp chip.
* Support static screen, any scanning type from 1/2 to 1/32.

* Support any pitch and data offset, very easy to realize all kinds of anomalous screen, spherical screen and creative screen.
* Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signal output.
* Support huge loading area.
* With advanced design, high-class components and fully automatic high and low temperature aging test, this makes the products with zero failure.

* Support DC 3.3V~6V working voltage, which can reduce the influence caused by voltage fluctuation.
* Support power wire inverse connection protection.Specification

Product Model TV-81R75E
Power consumption 3W
Weight 100g
Dimension 143×93
Working Voltage DC 3.3V~6V
Anti - static ability 2KV
Compatible transmission equipments Gigabit switch, gigabit fiber optic transceiver, gigabit fiber switch
Communication Distance CAT 5 cable≤140M, CAT6 cable≤170M, Optical fiber: Single mode transceiver≤20KM, Multimode transceiver≤550M (Use the repeater to