TV-8910P/TV-8920P/TV-8928/TV-8938/TV-8948 Splicing Processor Series Multi-screen splicing processor

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* With color LCD display, with digital buttons and adjustment knob for simple operation, support navigation settings.
* Output mode supports customized output of 2.6 million pixel .
* Splicing mode supports ultra-high-definition splicing output of 2560 × 1536 @ 60Hz.
* Supports three images in any layout to easily complete the centralized control of main stage screen and side screen.

* Support free scaling of the image size, free display, and all images can be superimposed on each other.

* Support signal echo, can real-time view the input and output signals through software.
* Support multi-screen preview and output monitoring at the same time, support previewing 6 input signals at the same time and monitor the current output image at the same time.
* Supports signal processing of 4K ultra-high definition.

* Supports superposition of multi-group and programmable global picture.

* Supports seamless switching of signal and mode, providing over 10 special effects, including fade in and fade out, seamless straight cut, vertical and horizontal combing, round cut in and cut out, diamond cut in and cut out, draw curtain in all directions.
* Supports brightness keying, support the background subtraction below the specified brightness, and blend into the new background.

* Supports individual adjustment on transparency of each screen, supports range: 0 ~ 100%.

* Supports the emergence of the edge of the image, the superposed image can be better fused with the background image.
* Supports hot backup of multi-level input signal, multi-machine cascade synchronization output, supports synchronization technology, no dislocation and tearing.
* Supports any image freeze.

* Supports one-key output black signal, can be used for performing activities.

* Supports saving 32 groups of different settings as modes, and can be quickly call.
* Supports off-line planning tasks, you can set the timing operation, to complete the automatic management.