TV-811F Wireless Screen Transmitter

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* Support receiving wireless mirroring video streams of Android system, IOS system, Mac OS system, Windows system, and Chrome system, and support stable work for a long time.

* The receiving end has its own dual network structure and supports the connection with the external network wifi without an external network card or a network cable. When the mobile terminal is connected to the receiving terminal for screen projection, wireless Internet access can still be achieved.

* When using the screen transmitter for screen projection, it supports the receiving end connecting the mouse for mouse data pass-through, and realizes the reverse control function of the right mouse button on the Mac OS system and Windows system.

* Android mirroring screen transmission supports audio transmission and online video playback at the same time.

* Windows computers and Mac OS computers can use either hardware transmitters or software for screen projection.

* When using the screen transmitter, the receiving end has a floating ball, you can choose the projection device at will, and can view the number and status of the projection devices.

* Support the secondary wireless mirroring of the screen to other terminals, other terminals can perform remote control operations on the machine, and can annotate the content of the secondary mirroring, and the annotation content is displayed in real time at the receiving end.

* Support Android phone/Apple phone being set as the speaker device, support setting the speaker, and transferring the speaker permission.

* Support designating an Android phone/Apple phone device as locked mode, that is, exclusive mode, in which preemption cannot be performed.

* Support actively connecting an Android phone/Apple phone device for screen projection.

* Support screen display mode setting, support equal division mode and mirror preview mode.

* Support the aspect ratio adjustment of the display area; the height adjustment range is 100%-95%; the width adjustment range is 100%-95%.

* Support chromaticity parameter adjustment functions, including brightness, contrast, and color temperature adjustment.

* Built-in whiteboard writing and annotation functions; support scanning the whiteboard content to download and save.

* Support scheduled power on/off function: built-in real-time clock module to ensure that the system time can still run normally without the Internet; support periodic setting of the power-on/off time.

* Support screen mirroring.


USB screen transmitter (standard 1)

Operating system

Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8/9/10/11/12



Frame rate

Audio and video 15~30 frames

HD video projection delay


Mouse projection delay


Transmission distance

30m without obstacles

WiFi hotspot


Authentication protocol


Conference mode

Host mode: The host can touch the screen list to select the designated PC to share the screen


Participant mode: when it is in non-host mode, whoever presses the screen sharing button will get the screen sharing control

Mobile phone wireless screen sharing

Dual network structure

The receiving end has its own dual network structure. When the mobile phone is connected to the receiver, it can still access the wireless




Android 5.0 and above, support synchronous sound transmission, support 1080P lossless mirroring


iOS 9.0 and newer systems, support 1080P lossless mirroring

Projection method

Mirror Mode, Movie Mode, Picture Mode, Music Mode

Movie mode video playback progress control

Support free adjustment of video playback progress

Picture mode zoom

Support free scaling of image size

Music mode playback progress control

Support free adjustment of music playback progress



Support whiteboard annotation, support QR code scanning and sharing

Video output

HDMI audio and video output

Scheduled power on/off

Support scheduled power on/off function to ensure the healthy operation of the equipment all year round

Other applets

Welcome Message, File Browser with Category Function, Screensaver

Output resolution

1024*768, 1280*720, 1280*800, 1920*1080, 1920*1200





Infrared touch


Capacitive touch


System version

Android 7.1


4-core ARM A53





Video output

1CH HDMI output



HDMI output resolution

Max 1920x1080 60Hz

Power supply

DC: 5V

Maximum power


Dimension (L*W*H)


Net weight


Working temperature


Working humidity

0%~ 85%, no condensation

Screen mirroring