V2.0 Video Conference System

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Video Conference Terminal



1. Cloud Architecture: Multiple MCU can interconnection and supports MCU backup;

2. Terminal with Built-in MCU: Up to 4 video conference terminal could build up complete video conference system without multiple-point control unit (MCU);

3. Wide Compatibility: Support international standard transmission protocol of H.323, SIP, etc.; our system could work with other brand seamlessly, such as Polycom, Huawei, Cisco, etc; the third party video conference terminal could log in our MCU directly and to work with our terminal to realize direct communication, synchronization transmission of audio and video, and interconnection;

4. Distributed Processing: Audiovisual signal at the venue is encoded and decoded by the terminal at the venue and after finished the processing, the MCU only needs to do data exchange so that it reduces the burden of the MCU;

5. Extra-low Bandwidth: extra-low bandwidth, while fluent HD video experience; using high profile technology H.264; to decrease bandwidth-cost 50%; only need 2M to hold video conference of 1080P@60, 1M for 1080P@30 and 512K for 720P. Even just using home ADSL could hold the video conference without specified network to save bandwidth-cost and to reduce total cost;

6. Network Self-adaptation: Using technique of H.264 and SVC and algorithm of forward error correction (FEC) to run on network with high package loss rate; optional constant stream and variable stream are available to be adaptive to various occasions; fluent dynamic image without mosaic;

7. Convenient Operation: With latest UI design, menu style operation interface and minimalist appearance and 1 key to attend the meeting, it makes our system easy to be used, while no need professionals; client could use remote controller to attend or quit the meeting by 1 button, to switch the template, to control volume, to control camera, etc;

8. A Variety of Interactive Mode: Support dual standard protocol of H.323 and SIP to achieve interaction of various audiovisual terminal, such as video conference terminal, IP camera, APP based on Windows, IoS/Android, etc;

9. Conference Recording: The MCU is with the function of video recording, and it's built in 40G hard disk to store the image of the conference.