LED Video Wall System

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System Introduction

This outdoor LED Video Wall system was developed using the TV-OM series 

equipment independently developed by ITC.

The screen size can be customized according to the needs of users. 

According to different uses, it can provide a suitable LED Video Wall solution for large shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hotels and other places.


1. Seamless splicing: completely seamless splicing, without visual black seam

2. Large viewing angle: wide viewing angle, larger display area, and clear viewing at any angle

3. Intelligent light control: intelligent adjustment of brightness, improve picture comfort, more energy-efficient

4. High speed heat dissipation: patented heat dissipation technology, practical and safe, longer service life

5. Screen correction: Gamma correction technology, can achieve point-by-point brightness color correction

6. Remote control: remote control screen, easy to operate

7. Wide uses: Can play videos, pictures, texts and other promotional materials

8. IP65: high protection performance, dust-proof 6 Level and waterproof 5 Level, reduce the impact of environmental factors on screen life effectively.


Song and Dance Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Stadiums, Theaters, Auditoriums,Lecture Halls, Multi-function Halls, Conference Rooms, Interpretation halls